Back to photographing pretty girls again!

There are photographers who do this constantly, all day long, with the most beautiful models around. It’s not hard to believe they must get bored with it or take it for granted or tire of the routine. I suppose it’s possible.

But I don’t do it that often and I certainly don’t get bored with it. My problem is that I usually enjoy it so much I over shoot and end up with a ton of editing work. But I enjoy that too; it could be worse.

This is Verah. She’s been active on stage lately, recently with a singing part in a musical. So she needs head shots. I don’t know how many head shots she needs but she now has plenty!

I like doing portraits, especially with available light. Lately we’ve had plenty of  sunshine that even in the shade there is so much reflected light that very comfortable exposures are possible with beautifully diffused but well balanced light.

I do men’s portraits too, by the way, and always enjoy getting some flattering shots of the guys.

But I’d still rather do this.


(Don’t forget the video below!)


Instagram: @davidlryan


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