Midday Light at Bruneau Dunes

Descending the big dune at Bruneau Dunes State Park, Idaho (Photo by David Ryan)

Sometimes you just show up at the wrong time of day. That’s what happened on our last road trip through southern Idaho as we showed up at high noon at the almost desolate Bruneau Dunes. The starkness there can be overwhelming and the challenge to take some great photos is equally so. Actually, I take that back – it’s more so.

(Photo by David Ryan)

For one thing, it certainly brings out the minimalist in one’s self. Or maybe forces out is more accurate. Everything is just so minimal. But all this I really do love: the silence, the brightness, the nothingness.

The heat.

(Photo by David Ryan)

So it stretches you. After a while you begin to see things that you wouldn’t have seen earlier.

Photo by David Ryan

And then you begin to, should we say, step over the line.

The outhouse at Bruneau Dunes State Park  (Photo by David Ryan)

It can be disappointing and I promised myself to come back and camp here some day so I can catch both sunrise and sunset. And have a picnic with a view.

Photo by David Ryan

(Don’t miss the video below!)


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