A quiet street in Szentendre, Hungary   (Photo by David Ryan)

A few years back Carollen and I were  hired by Viking River Cruises to sample their Danube cruise, of which Hungary was a big part. Towards the end, which would be Vienna, the boat stopped near the beautiful little town of Szentendre (St. Andrew), just north of Budapest and close to the Danube. It’s a colorful little town filled with baroque architecture and streets like that above.

For the most part, travel photographers and writers are paid to show you those parts of the destination that make you want to be there. Seldom do we show you what’s behind the scenes like the one above.

For instance:

(Photo by David Ryan)

We got there on a Sunday at a time of year when the tourist season is at its peak, and it was hot! I was both bemused and a little ticked to find that I was going to have to somehow come away with something good and alluring.

When we got off the bus, this what we saw first:

Photo by David Ryan

It was a hopeful beginning, with so much color everywhere. I particularly like that yellow ochre, or mustard – it’s so rich. When I stepped around the corner I discovered the truth and knew I had my work cut out for me!

As it turned out I had just enough time to discover that street above and shoot both a vertical and horizontal, and that was it.

Photo by David Ryan

I’m sure you could really enjoy this beautiful little village if you go not at peak season and certainly not on a weekend. I know there’s lots more to discover and enjoy!


(Don’t miss the video below!)


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