Lovers’ Locks

Hungary, Pecs, The “Lovers’ Locks”    (Photo David Ryan)

Some fifteen years ago, if my memory serves me (and it hardly ever does), I ran across a short piece of fence in Pecs, Hungary, that really had no reason for being there. It just stretched across a small space in a building’s indent. It was loaded with locks and I, as so often the case, had no idea what was going on. I soon figured it out, as so often the case, and was touched by the human race’s penchant for expressing its love for one another in the most peculiar ways. I do get the symbolism; it’s all quite obvious, but all the same I can’t help thinking that Mr. Spock would consider it quite odd.

Hungary, Pecs, The “Lovers’ Locks”    (Photo by David Ryan)

I have since seen them in other places and have learned that apparently bridges are a favorite trysting place for these locks. So much so that from one bridge in Paris, the Pont des Arts, over 45 tons of locks were removed! It was a big headache for the authorities who said the tens of thousands of locks placed a severe strain on the structure.

The idea is that when the lock is securely placed, the key is tossed, usually right into the river, thus securing a lock on the lovers’ love forever.

Below and in the general vicinity of that bridge in Paris it is estimated over 700,000 keys lie corroding!

Obviously, the whole thing has become a boon for lock makers and it wasn’t long before some of these began introducing their own “lovers’ locks” for those inclined to such civil mischief.

And of course the  phenomenon spread like wildfire all over Europe and it wouldn’t be long before we would see it here in the States, which evidently we have. I don’t know if Yale or Schlage or Master Lock has caught on to it yet but there must be some upside marketing and sales potential for them somewhere. They’ll have to finesse it however, some city governments just don’t find the whole affair that romantic.


Don’t miss the video below!


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