Safavid Warriors

These two faces were hovering above my bed one night, giving me me quite a start when I awoke staring up at them. Their faces and eyes turned about as they examined where they were but they didn’t seem very interested in me, although they would glance down at me every now and again. Each time they did that my whole body shivered. I slowly reached over to my night stand to grab my iPhone and take this photo. When the little focusing light turned on for a split second they both looked down at me and then disappeared, but not before I got this shot.

Later I started searching the web to see if I could find anything like them. They turned out to be Safivid warriors in full facemask armor of 16th century Iran. I don’t doubt they were formidable opponents but I suspect they were more curious than in a mood for trouble when they visited me.

I don’t know what to make of this experience and I must admit it still gives me the willies. I await their return some night but so far it hasn’t happened again. I do wake up some nights feeling I’m being watched but when I dare to open up my eyes there’s nothing there. Well, nothing like these guys anyway.


(Don’t skip the video below!)


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