The Danube Bend

The Danube Bend at Esztergom, Hungary    (Photo by David Ryan)

Most people (especially the Hungarians) think this horseshoe bend in the Danube is the most scenic part of the entire river, and although I only know that part from Vienna to the Black Sea, I think they have a good case.

I was photographing the cathedral overlooking the town of Esztergom when the cruise director of the river cruise we were photographing for Viking River Cruises came running over to me and in a very excited manner told me “Come! Come! You must see the Danube Bend!”

“Oh,” I thought. “What’s it going to bend?”

Well, I must have just missed it because it was already bent by the time we got there. Nevermind, it looked like a good shot anyway, especially with the early morning light illuminating the thousand-year-old town below.

There are several other beautiful, worthwhile towns in the area two of which, Esztergom and Szintendre, I can vouch for, and it’s only a day trip from Budapest.

Next time you’re enjoying Budapest, take a day trip here and unlike me, get there early enough to see the Danube Bend.


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