Latest Real Estate Job

This was the second time I shot this house. The first time it was sparsely furnished with whatever few pieces of furniture the owner hadn’t removed yet:

It’s a game try, but I don’t think it’s going to convince anyone.¬† (Photo: David Ryan)

The agent decided to have it professionally staged and this is what we got the next time around:

Photo: David Ryan

Now it looks like a real home. Also, this go around I decided to take a little of the warmth away that I used the first time.

Photo: David Ryan

As you might imagine, I took this shot for myself. I do things like that. I think the chair facing out of the frame is what would draw the most criticism, but to me it adds a tension and dynamic to the photo that I like. (That’s as close as I’ll ever come to sounding like a Photography 101 teacher.)

Photo: David Ryan

Any time I get to do an overview like this, I do it. I think it ties together three rooms for which I had only individual shots. I think it pulls in the design the architect was looking for.


Instagram: @davidlryan


Don’t miss the video treat below!


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