More McCall

Roiling clouds over Payette Lake, view from Osprey Point, Ponderosa State Park, McCall, Idaho (Photo by David Ryan)

I’ve been trying for years to get a decent shot from this location and have only had moderate success. It seems that I just don’t get there at the right time of day or with the right weather. (The “right time of day” excuse translates into “reluctance to get out of bed” or “let’s eat!”).

This year I decided to go for the raw material and then finish the picture when I got home. These are what happened with that approach.

Another from the same place (Photo by David Ryan)

Lily Marsh, Ponderosa State Park, McCall, Idaho

Lily Marsh is always a favorite. Usually we approach from the back side (the trail winds down behind the trees shown here) from Huckleberry Cove but that hike was out of the question this time. I have never seen the field of yellow grass like it was this year and was striking; I should  have done a lot more with it. The wind was blowing slightly, just enough to blow the grass but not the trees. This was the one shot that I didn’t have to work much on; it was almost “good to go” out of the camera.

Photo by David Ryan

This is the one I was most  happy with. For several years I’ve tried for just this shot, knowing it lurked there somewhere among the dull, flat grayness. It was just a case of unrealistic expectations to get it without some significant post production work. But there it is. You may not have seen it this way but I did. For years.


And so it ends. Three or four months ago (about a hundred days) I challenged myself to posting once a day forever. Well, forever has arrived. I was able to squeeze out 103 straight posts, some good, some not so, and I probably won’t be making vows like that again any time soon. But it was a good thing and really got me into my blog. You should really page back through all of them.

And just to help you, here’s the first one: How Long Can I Keep this Up, Anyway?


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