Arizona Rocks

My home state of Arizona is a very good place to see rocks, as well as those places that use to be filled with rocks, and since rocks in their natural habitat don’t move very fast I don’t often get blurred pictures.

What follows is another sampling of recently scanned transparencies from earlier in my career, photos that have now been saved for posterity (yeah, sure, as if digitalization ever did that for anything!) This time I rooted through some of my collection from Arizona, a state lodged deep in my heart, to come up with these:

Monument Valley, Arizona
Monument Valley
The Grand Canyon of the Colorado River
Monument Valley Again
Superstition Mountains
John Ford Point, Monument Valley

Serendipity strikes! I was just trying to take a photo of the famous scene and up lopes this Navajo kid on a horse. Since then I’ve seen multiple shots of him (or someone like him) posing like this so I guess it’s kind of a cliché shot by now. I don’t care; I just appreciate his effort!

Canyon de Chelly
Monument Valley, View through “the Window”
The Grand Canyon
West and East Mittens, Monument Valley
Cross section of a petrified log in Arizona’s Petrified Forest
The Boulders Shopping Center, Carefree, AZ

The shot above is here because it amuses me.

A View from the Kaibab Trail, Grand Canyon
Monument Valley
Last rays of the sun over the Sonoran Desert
Sunsrise at Monument Valley, Arizona

There were, of course, many slides I’d taken in Phoenix and other towns but they tended to be dated and not so dramatic, and I know you like drama!


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